fs24 & a quickie ;)

I was tagged by Sandy over at Stampin', Scrappin' & More! I'll need to get 7 random things posted for you, but that must wait until tomorrow. I need to go to bed. Had enough drama today and over the week-end. More drama than I deserve. ;)

So - to make this story quick... I got my car back from the body shop last Tuesday. Drove it home. Went Wed. to church and back. Went Sat. to the DQ to get supper - and on the way home Car started smoking. I had to coast home. Lovely. So, today we called an auto guy (Mike) who goes to our church, and he was able to come out and look at it. And it wouldn't move. So, he & his mechanic buddy had to go back to the shop to get transmission fluid, and they had to put a bunch in to get it to go. So, they drove it back to the shop and fixed what was wrong... AND they fixed my air conditioner. This was the 3rd or 4th Texas summer I had gone without AC. But anyway - Mike said that he thought that the hoses weren't connected very well (if at all... *frightning*)

There were other things going on today. But I shall spare you. :) (you're welcome!)

But in the midst of all this - I was able to stamp a little. This is for the Featured Stamper challenge over @ SCS this week. I am totally motivated to stamp from these challenges. (Is it bad that these are stamp-lifts and not totally original ideas?) (nah...) ok. So here is this week's FS24 card.

I've got some other cards to post, but that can wait until later. I have a funeral to go to tomorrow, for a friend's mom who passed away. Very sad.

Anyway. I'll post more later. toodles...


Wanted & Outlaw

I have been playing with this set and paper today. I am having a great time! They are wicked-cool. (do people still say that anymore?)

This card was supposed to be for the featured stamper challenge, and came out nothing like the card I was trying to use for inspiration. I'll have to try again. But it's a fun card.

For this one I thought that I would make a long card for a workshop that I'm doing this friday. Well, a few layers later, and I thought that this one will be good to show what you can do. (But I'll try not to get too carried away)

This one I cased right out of the catty. Well, the layout anyway. The colors and stamp sets were changed. I made a second that had a few tweaks, and I think that I may have a winner to show off this great combo. (and considering that my hostess wants to see these new boho west things - I'll be in good shape.) (and it's so fun too!!)

You know, it's been raining since the end of may/beginning of june. And it is raining AGAIN!! Not that I'm complaining. I know that we need the rain. We've also had some very nice lower temperatures for July. (not terrible 104+ things) But it has become hard on some places & people. Rivers and lakes are flooded, roads have been destroyed, and the lake for our sub-division is *way* up. The creek behind our house is pretty much full (luckily, it runs to the lake) and we are squishy. Just plain squishy. I don't know what's going on, but at least we are safe.

I'll tack card deets on in a bit.

another new card...

Yes. This is a rather bold color combination. But I like it. I used the new pomegranate, wasabi, and new basic grey colors with pumpkin & vanilla. Fun & funky. I was also excited to use the new scallop punch! I wish that it was a little bigger, but I think it is so fun! I only have the scallop oval in the *other* brand, and had been holding off on buying more, and am really glad that I got this new circle. I can tell you already that it will be a dearly-loved card staple.

I've got a workshop Friday that I need to get ready for. But the card I just made to try and give me ideas got a little carried away, and might not be good for a workshop. But I will definately take it to show. (I'll photo and post in a bit)

I did go to bed early last night. 11:30. And I slept late too. So I guess I was really tired. Actually, I woke up at 6:-something, and looked at the clock, said "nah" and rolled over and went back to sleep.

I just heard the cat getting into my glass of water. And he's old and cranky, and just won't listen. (I had to go get him before he spilled the glass) His hair is falling out, he stands right in front of you to keep you from going a certain direction, and no-one can go to the bathroom without him knocking you down to get in the sink and drink from the faucet. Company just doesn't know what to think.

I'm off to stamp some more. :)


Cards on the fly...

Today I made 2 cards in 1 little hour. Can you believe it? I hardly ever get something made that quickly. And cards usually go quicker than scrapbook pages. Those take me for-ev-er. I have to re-photograph the other card I made, but here is one of them:

I finally got to use some of the new stamps I got Friday. Having to just open the box and then leave was not fun. But at least it made me want to stamp even more. I think I've made at least 1 thing with each of the new stamps that I got, and those pictures will be coming shortly. I'm super tired tonight, so I think I'm going to go to bed early. Or - on time. However you'd like to look at it.

Card deets are below. Have a great night!!

{you're so thoughtful}
stamps: priceless, polka dot bkgnd, absolutely fabulous; cardstock & ink: certainly celery, pretty in pink, cameo coral, groovy guava, very vanilla; accessories: celery, p-i-pink, vanilla grosgrain, new scallop circle punch



Mom tagged me. 8 random things about myself. Hmmm...

1. I've always known that I was supposed to be a teacher. Even as a child.

2. I've had the same best friend since I was 5. I have a couple other best friends, but K is more like a sister than anything else. We met at swimming lessons.

3. I get stuck on songs and albums. I have to listen to a cd over and over again. And then I have to literally force myself to listen to something else. Seriously. I just had to do it tonight.

3b. I can learn the lyrics to a song pretty quickly. Give me a few listens to a song, and I can sing along. Which makes it all the more difficult NOT to sing along to a song. I know so many. Can start lyrics to a song when I hear the first couple of notes.

4. I love to be organized. But from the state of my studio you would never know it. I've even had friends come to organize their spaces - and think I am their own "Mission: Organization".

5. I am a book junkie. Doesn't matter what kind. I have an entire bookshelf that is scrapbooking idea books and magazines. I have a bookshelf of regular books. I have a bookshelf of children's books. I have a bookshelf of teaching books. Books, books, books... (I've bought 7 this week alone. And 5 last week. And have an online cart of about... *cough-17-cough* more.)

6. My foot-wear staple is flip-flops. I even made a scrapbook layout about it one time.

7. I considered a math degree when I first started college but decided on English. I knew I wanted to teach. But just not little ones. But here I am. A 1st grade teacher.

8. I leave the advent calendar on my door way too long. I always think to myself that I need to take it down as soon as Christmas is over. But then come March when I *see* the snowmen - I have to take it down. I just get used to it being there, and well... forget.

I am supposed to tag 8 people. I'll get to that soon. :) Unless you haven't been tagged. And then - consider yourself a taggie.

I can't remember if I posted this little fella or not. I guess I get that from staying up too late all the time. My brain is slightly confused. (haha... slightly)

I have made a few new things with the NEW STAMPS that I got Friday. But I haven't really had a big chance after getting VBS wrapped up, and then spending this evening in town. I'll have to photo & post. I'm pleased with what I got on this first go-round. Although, I already have an order in draft for some more things. :)


CC122, SC119 & a quick ramble

Not too much news at the moment. I had a chance to stamp last night, and a little tonight. And I thought I would post these before going to bed. (Now that it's 3 am) (yes - I'm insane)

Color challenge this week was real red, green galore, and tempting turquoise. Just love the green & turquoise together. My classroom is green galore, tempting turquoise, pink passion, and black & white polka dots. Bright? yes. Cute? terribly. But anyway.

I also went through some of the sketch challenges and found a few that have been in the sketch-past. I really liked the simplicity of this sketch (as we all know how I like to do things simple), and so I pulled out a set I haven't used in a while, and just had fun! I love how the patterned paper really makes a statement. And it's polka dots. And there you go.

Well. I'd really love to chat more, but I'm yawning, and my eyes are watery. So. Card details and off to bed. I'll chit-chat later.

Hi friend
{stamps: bud basics, typeset alpha lower; ink & cardstock: basic black, whisper white, real red, green galore, tempting turquoise; accessories: silver brads, stampin' dimensionals}

Frog Prince
{stamps: unfrogettable; ink & cardstock: wild wasabi, certainly celery, close to cocoa, very vanilla; accessories: celery grosgrain, linen thread; extras: faux stitching, celery prints paper}


Retired Sets still for Sale!! :)

Sent this note out in my newsletter this week-end. I sold many sets at the silent auction, but I still have a box full of retired stamp sets – and they are ready to go to a new home!

If there is a set listed here that you are interested in, please let me know ASAP, so that you can get it before it is gone. Email Me!! Sets are first-come-first-serve!

I will grey out the ones that have been sold. These will be available for pick-up or shipping. (Applicable shipping costs will apply) Please contact me if you need a picture of the stamps, or if you have any questions about them.

The stamps will be listed as follows:
[set name] condition* – Price

* Conditions will be abbreviated -
N – New LU – Light Use MU – Medium Use

(I try to keep my sets clean, so sometimes even MU may just be a slight stain on a block or 2!)

[Fun Filled] LU – 12.00
[Loving Hearts] LU - $14.00
[Sheltering Tree] LU - $18.00
[All Year Cheer 1] MU - $20.00
[Tags & More] LU - $15.00
[Big Blossoms] MU - $20.00
[Much Love] LU - $12.00
[Mini Messages] LU - $10.00
[Sweet & Sassy] LU - $11.00
[Shapes & Shadows] MU - $20.00
[Happy Winter] LU - $8.00
[Say It Simply] N - $5.00
[Too Terrific Tags] N - $6.00
[Tropical Blossoms] MU - $18.00
[Fresh Flowers] MU - $17.00
[Olive You] MU - $11.00
[Lexicon of Love] MU - $10.00
[The Fine Print] LU - $12.00
[All I Have Seen] N - $10.00
[Merry Elves] LU $13.00
[Blooming with Happiness] LU - $8.00
[Painted Posies] N - $11.00
[Quick Thinking] LU - $9.00
[Paisley Print background] LU - $12.00
[Houndstooth background] LU - $12.00
[By Definition background] MU - $12.00
[Stipple Celebrations] LU - $20.00
[Travel Post] LU - $20.00
[A Little Love] LU - $12.00
[Collage Alphabet] MU - $ 20.00
[Pure & Simple Alphabet Lower] Heavy Use - $19.00


I wish...

that I could stamp all day. Ok. at least once per day. I'm trying to get the stamp bug satisfied this summer, but the more I stamp, the more I want to stamp. And this could get hazardous come mid-August. Then I'll have to be a slave to the job again, and my poor little stamps find themselves lonely.

Why do I mention this?

For 1, I'm packing up these retired stamp sets, and I'm getting silent auction forms made for them all, to get ready and sell them tonight! And as I look at each of these, they are so - CLEAN! Which, I keep them pretty clean, but some of these I mounted, and MAYBE used once. Does that bother me? A little. But, on the other hand, hopefully someone else will have the benefit of loving my slightly-used, very cute stamp sets. They are running over my storage, and, while I believe I will in some way miss them, it will leave me with a little money to get some new things from the new catalog. The retirement list left me with alphabets and phrases - not many image sets.

On to other notes...

One papercrafter that I am a big fan of is Kristina. She has this little "Lost Idol" challenge going, and one of the challenges was:

Lost Idol Challenge #2
May 31, 2007
This week's challenge is brought to you by
"Create a scrapbook page based on another you've seen somewhere. It can be the web, a magazine, anything. Just post a link to the page online, or post what book or
magazine it was in so we can compare and see how you were inspired."
I'll be doing this one tonight or tomorrow. What about you?

Well. The layout that she made was just great, and I knew that I had to use her inspired page for my inspired page. Sappy, I know. But it really fit this picture, and so... whatever.

Here's the link to Kristina's.

Simple, and not quite the same... but very close.


LSC123 & HSS

I had not participated in the Splitcoast limited supply challenge before, and today's was to CASE a card from the new catalog. I found a little gem on page 120, and so - here's the yee-haw version. I'm waiting for the new boho-west products to come my way, and just using the colors helped. I really like these colors. Yee-haw!

I also got a little gifty in the mail from my HSS (heartland secret sister) yesterday! She sent me two great cards and little package of badge holders. I had been wanting to make one of the little books like on the SCS tutorial, but when I went to walmart, they were out of the right ones. (how dare them?!) (haha). I haven't made it yet.

Isn't this a fun card! She was so sweet to make it for me! What a great card to show at workshops! I'll post her other one tomorrow! Thanks dear!! *hugs*

I've got to go and work on VBS in a little bit. Been thinking decorations, and have got to get some samples of the crafts made, and then get everything sorted out. I can't believe that it starts Monday. Time always goes quicker than I'd like. But, after VBS is over, you'll get to hear all about me painting my classroom. (since I had to move next door) (@ school)

Have a great day! Card details are below!

{stamps: typeset alpha, starstruck, linen; ink & cardstock: choco. chip, creamy caramel, really rust, sage shadow, vanilla; accessories: earth buttons, linen thread, vanilla grosgrain, staples}

Birthday Hugs & Wishes - by my HSS
{stamps: in the spotlight, hugs & wishes; ink & cardstock: wild wasabi, purely pomegranate, pumpkin, not quite navy (?), whisper white; accessories: ribbon & punches}


Another card...

This one was made with Vases in Vogue. I think that this set is so cute! I had to do a bit of watercoloring yesterday, and just had to play with this set. I love to watercolor, so it is fun to me. I used watercolor crayons & my aqua-painter. It did come out a little brighter than I had intended, but that's ok - right?

I'm getting sets all labeled and bid sheets made for the retired set auction that I'm doing with my upline April. I don't have too many sets to sell - ok... 55 right now. (and I may look through the ones I said I was going to keep again...)

I'm really looking forward to getting a few more things from the new catalog, but I'll need to wait - at least until the order I placed yesterday arrives.

Made some really cute thank you cards for some ladies who attended a workshop about a week & a half ago. I'll have to take a picture before I mail the cards. Very cute. AND in my super retro colors. (pumpkin pie, pink passion, so saffron & chocolate chip) (and old olive if you need green for leaves or something) I know I've been looked at strange for that combination - but it makes me happy. and that's a good thing.

I may or may not get around to posting much this next week. Vacation Bible School is all next week, and I will be a living stress-mess. I always say that the next year I will delegate someone to do some of the grunt work with me - but this year, when I asked, I got turned down. Sooo... that leaves me with all the work. I painted murals on Tuesday, and will have to finish moving furniture today. (ok - this post is like @ 2:15 am - so I'm a little off on schedule) Decorations may be small this time around - just because it is just me. I did write it again this year. Am I crazy? YES!

I need to go to bed, so that I can think it is officially Thursday.

Oh, and I did end up hearing fireworks after the rain ended. And my best friend is coming in tomorrow. Whee-hoo!


Happy Fourth!

It has been pretty rainy all day today. So, no fireworks for us. But I'm sure that someone in the neighborhood will have them later tonight. I heard many going off last night after the rain quit.

A little sparkle for the holiday. This was the new Baroque Motifs set that I got from Stampin' Up! I got the set and then I didn't really know what to do with it. I have been trying to come up with some different things to use it. I am typically a whimsical/flower type person, but I really want to expand my skills. (which I think I mentioned the other day)

My grandparents came over for lunch today. We had the typical 4th fare: hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, lemonade. Very good. We haven't had anyone over to the house in such a long time, so it was nice to get to see them and visit. I really want to entertain later on, although, I'm not sure who I would entertain for...

Card details are below. Have a safe holiday. God Bless the USA!

Cherish{stamps: baroque motifs; ink & cardstock: basic black, soft sky, whisper white; accessories: on-board label holder, heat & stick powder, silver glitter, dimensionals}


FS21 & a short ramble

This was made for the Featured Stamper challenge this week over at Splitcoast. I had been wanting to make a card with Pick-a-Petal, but I just couldn't get anything I made to look good. When I saw the card made by Faith (Markie's Mom) I just had to do it with P-a-Petal. Granted, it is very simple, but I like simple.

Been playing with the baroque motifs stamp set, just got it yesterday. I had ordered it during the demonstrator pre-order time, and it had taken me almost all month to decide that I wanted it. But then when I got it - I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do. But I think I like what I've done to it so far, and I'll post that when it is finished. I'm really having to stretch myself artistically now - I want to do so many new and beautiful things. One day, maybe, I could be dirty-worthy. (But I'm not going to hold my breath)