I'm really sorry. I can't believe that it has really been since February since I sat down and did a little post for you. I've been supremely busy - but I guess that is really no excuse. (or maybe it is?)

Lots of things have been going on. But the best news is that there are only 9 more days of school! WOW!! And I still have a whole lot to cover with these babies. A whole lot more...
Today was field day, broke out and wore a pair of shorts! And let me tell you - you could spot my big ol' white legs across the football field. LOL!! Some of my kids were in the mood to whine today - so I had to hear crying at each event. Joy. *NOT!!*

I really wish that I had some new cards or scrapbook pages, or *something* to show you. But I don't. I really wish that I did. I made a REALLY cute card for my Nana for mother's day, but I forgot to take a picture of it. But you would have been so proud to see that I actually do remember how to stamp.

I am really tired right now, but my plan is to stamp TOMORROW!!! And so maybe - just maybe - there will be something new to show you. Maybe I'll dream up something awesome!!

ETA: Hey!

I don't think I ever put my flamingo page online for you to see. So, there. Sorry it looks a little crooked. I had trouble getting it to stand up for the picture.