Happy Thanksgiving...

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving with your family.

I've been on the computer most of the day. I've been looking online all week for ideas for literacy centers, ideas for the classroom, and so I've been doing a little whipping up on a website for my class. I don't know if I really will get it finished/online, but I did get quite a bit done today.

That's really all I know. My birthday tomorrow. I think I may go have a bite of ice-cream cake. :)


Christmas Houses...

Totally inspired by Mary @ Isabella's Closet I had to make a couple of these little houses. I have glitter everywhere on these houses. On the roofs, bases, the sides. (I love glitter!!!) On the green house I sponged ink on the bottom and drew bushes and on the back is a little crawling vine. On the pomegranate house, I used a big swirly stamp to decorate. I used a card I had made for inspiration on the pomegranate house.

I'll be posting more later. Thanks for the house ideas Mary! :)


a little belated...

I didn't get a chance to post my boo sign that I made for Halloween. I haven't gotten many things made lately, but I was proud of my little sign. I had the letters connected with jump-rings, but when I went to hang it up, it didn't hang straight, so I had to add a little support.

Now I'm thinking about my Christmas cards. And I need to get working on those asap! Maybe next week, since I have a whole week off for Thanksgiving.

Anyway - I'm watching a THS on Patrick Dempsy and then going to watch desperate housewives and brothers & sisters. all kinds of good things.

ooh - not paying attention to what I'm writing. Better just go watch...