This morning

LeeAnna was watching Leap Frog Letter Factory, and she has all the toys out of the box, spread all over the floor. Earlier she was in the toy box *with* all the toys.

So, I snapped a few pictures.

Then, here is the conversation that followed.
L: Who are you taking a picture of?
Me: You.
L: Here, take a picture of my skunk. (referring to the mouse)
Me: Silly - that's a mouse not a skunk.
L: Oh. Well, take a picture of the mouse.
Me: Well, hold it up so that it's pretty.
L: Take a picture of kitty too.
Me: Ok.

How do you confuse a mouse and a skunk? Ah! It's fun to be 3.

Want to know why I haven't stamped...

I'll show you.

You think we've got enough stuffed animals? They had all been out for a "sleep parade." They were lined up from one end of the living room to the other - all supposed to be asleep. And then after our nap, we certainly had the giggles. LeeAnna didn't want her picture taken. But, oh well. :) Ha!

Aunt Bee has been a busy lady. But I've got some banners that I can't wait to show you, and hope to work on some cards and things this weekend. :)

Have a great day!



Just letting you know that I'm still alive. Granted, it doesn't seem like that some days.
I wanted to post a card that I just made! (yes!!) I made it for Kristina's Color Challenge 12. I gotta say - she is one talented gal. I am just happy that I had a few minutes to do something with my stuff. Of course, after I sat down, I didn't know what I wanted to do.
The colors this week are Sahara Sand, So Saffron, Wild Wasabi, and Whisper White.

Sorry I've been quiet. I've been keeping my friend's little girl this summer 4 days a week. So, the weekends are when I have time to sit down and do things. And don't expect much next week, since it is VBS week, and I've still got things to do. (And I don't like the feeling of that much unfinished business.)
I'm going to go work on some banners. I'm surprised that this didn't end up covered in glitter. I know I've been covered in it for the last couple of days. (Esp. since I spilt my new brown glitter all in my lap last night...) *ha*
Happy Stampin'! :)