Don't really know much...

I don't really know much. Just wanted to post a picture of the card that I made for one of my co-workers for her birthday. Her birthday was actually on New Year's.

On other news that makes me look like a dork is this:
I had to go grocery shopping this evening, and you know how boring that is... so I took advantage of my handy little mp3 player. I did really well on containing myself and not singing along. But here is the kicker. I'm walking around - with my cell phone in my pocket. Mom says that she called me and that I didn't answer. So - I don't know if my phone just didn't ring (which happens some times) or if I was that dork walking around the Walmart with her phone ringing like crazy in her pocket and it just rings, and rings, and rings.

And apparently, I look like a teacher or a kid-magnet - because some kid came up to me asking what he should do with the gallon of milk that he just dropped. Milk is dripping from the sides, and he's asking me? I told him that he needed to find an employee. There is no telling what happened to the milk. All I could think was "Where is his mother?" Hmmm....

Anyway... I don't really know anything. I have so much to do, and not a lot of time to do it in. But isn't that always life? Hopefully I will have more to show you soon. I am working on Valentine's for my little kiddos... we'll see... :)


A few quick pictures!

So, a few of the things that I was able to make over the Christmas break, was a card for my friend and a little brag book for her to put pictures in of her son. She's my rock star friend, and so when I pre-ordered one of the new Stampin' Up! hostess sets, the star stamp was just perfect!

These were a few of the inside pages. They spelled out his name - Connor. He's a rock star - just like his mom. :)

This was the book put together. His initials on the cover. These are those little badge holders made into a mini album. It is the perfect size to have in her purse.

I also made a pink and brown one for Mom to use to put some Aspen pictures in (a MayMay's brag book). I'll post some pictures of that one soon.


well... hello.

It has been a mighty long time since I have written anything for you. My life has been crazy busy. I moved during November and December, so my life has been a combination of paint, boxes, and odd new stresses. :) I realized how much stuff I had crammed in my other house when I started having to box it up. I have scrapbook stuff coming out my ears!!! I have made a few cards, so as soon as I get them blog-ready, I am excited to be able to share them with you.

I have one room left to paint, and will be doing so hopefully Monday. (No school for MLK Jr. holiday)

I don't have much to say right now, just wanted everyone to know that I am still around, and can't wait to show you some new projects!

Lots of love!!!