on a roll :)

So, I felt inspired last night, and made a new card, and made two today. :) I love the new in-colors for this year, and am super excited to use them. These are the cards from last night and today. Hope you like 'em!

Not sure if these little things are supposed to be cupcakes or not, but I totally believe in using your imagination. So, for this card, they are cupcakes. Sweet!

Love this Eiffel Tower!

Momma was over yesterday and took a picture of Lucy to show how much she is growing. I think she has "flying nun" ears. LOL!! She is currently giving me a hard time typing all this. She keeps hitting the caps lock key and chewing on the corner of my laptop, and trying to catch my fingers. Better make this quick!


summer is in full swing.

Wow! I sure have been busy.

I am still keeping LeeAnna this summer, so we are having many fun-filled days at Aunt Bee's house.

Lucy is getting bigger. Well, Mom says that she is, but I guess since I am with her all the time, I don't quite see it. But we'll go with it. :)

I got my order from Stampin' Up! of new products from the NEW CATALOG!! (Yes, I'm excited) And while I know that I can make much prettier cards than these, I had to make a quick few cards last night and today. I'm thinking about going and stamping some more when I get off the computer tonight.

This card was a kind-of case from the new catalog cover. Obviously, not quite as pretty as the one on the cover. Mine is a bit more simple, but I was in a hurry. :)

This set is so cute with the birdcage, an Eiffel Tower, and dress form! Love it! Made this card for Mom, she wanted one with the birdcage! :)

And, you know that I love the pink-orange-brown combo, and this has the new Melon Mambo (or something like that) color! I think it is so pretty with the pumpkin! This was simple, but again - quick!

So, I guess I will go stamp some more. I think Lucy is ready for bed anyway. Hope to post more soon!



Well, I finally got a picture of the banners that I've made so far for the house. This first one is in the studio, and really looks good on the wall above my scrapbook table.

This one is in the kitchen over the sink. I think it looks cute there at the window.

I have a few banners that I'm interested in selling, with words like "family", "hug me", "cowboy", "Diva", two other "Enjoy" banners with cherry & apple paper, "Boo", "Girly-Girl" and I can make just about anything that you would like a banner to say. So, if you're interested, please let me know. I love to make these - practically addicted to it, and I can get them made quickly. :) I have made some for baby shower gifts, gifts for a sweet hostess, and much more! And if anyone knows me, I have a wide selection of scrapbook papers from all those years at both the SB stores, (and I don't ever resist shopping...) :).

If you're interested in seeing any of the other banners that I have for sale, please contact me or swing by!



I finally got a good picture of my new Lucy Ann!

She is 10-11 weeks old, and she is half Dachshund-half Yorkie. I got her from a girl at work, and have had her since June 2nd. We had a little bit of a rocky start, but she is a momma's girl. :)

She has wiggled so much whenever I tried to take a picture that it always turned out blurry. But I am glad that she finally was still enough for a quick photo-op! :)

Applesauce is 3!!

Last Saturday, June 20th, we celebrated Aspen's third birthday! She had two cakes, lots of presents, and lots of time to splash in the pool! She was a little unsure about blowing out the candles, but was certainly interested in the icing that stuck to the bottom of them. She would take the candle out, lick the frosting off, stick the candle back in the cake, and repeat!

After cake and presents, she was ready to swim! They had a slip-n-slide set up for her, and a little pool, but she later moved on to the big pool and swam for at least an hour. She was showing me how to do the slip-n-slide here. She said "Look Bee, I show you how to do it." So, there was a little dance in the sprinkles and of course, plenty of smiles!

It is hard to believe that she is already 3!! (Her actual birthday was on Wednesday, the 24th.)

As soon as I get the pictures on the computer, I finally got a good picture of my new puppy, Lucy. She wiggles so much all the photos are blurry! LOL!! And I can't wait to show you some of the banners that I have made recently. I just hung a new one up in my kitchen, and have a really cute one in my studio!

P.S. Happy 28th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!


A few things since we last talked...

These beautiful flowers were at our church Sunday, May 31, in honor of one of members who passed away a year ago. Brenda was a wonderful friend, a special woman, and is deeply missed. I had to take a picture of these beautiful flowers that a friend of hers sent to the church.

Then, FINALLY, June 4th was the last day of school. I took my camera to get a few last day photos, and one of my goofies got the camera from me and started to take pictures of everyone. So, there are lots of blurry and crazy photos to go through, but it was kind of cute to watch them pose and "ham-it-up" for the camera. I kept saying "No bunny ears."

The attack of the bunny ears. I guess that's what I get.


Indigo Bunting

While I realize that this is not the best picture of all, these little birds were out on my back patio today. (I got this photo through the kitchen window, so it is grey from the screen.) There were about 6 of them, and I have been trying to get a better picture of them all afternoon, but everytime I get to the back door to get a quick picture, they fly away. Mom looked them up in her bird book for me when I called, and then since I couldn't see her book over the phone, I looked up her two prospective types up online. There are some beautiful pictures of them online, and I have never seen this bird before. I usually just have cardinals, finches, wrens, and chickadees out back, and even this week saw a dove. You can see that all the birds have really knocked the birdseed out of the feeder and all over the ground. I'm going to have to get a bird bath to put out now too. :)


Spring Break - Day 2


Right now I can see and hear the cutest little birds that have taken up residence under my carport. They are just singing away - and it is just a sweet, sweet little sound. :)

I have made two additions to my living room today.

The first is one of Stampin' Up's fabulous decor elements. I fell in love with this tree and had to have it for my house. I put it in the living room above the couch. I want to add something else to it, I'm just not sure what yet.

The second is something sort of a splurge - but totally worth it. I think Audrey Hepburn was FABULOUS, and now I have her in my living room. :)

It makes my just smile whenever I see it. Mom was with me when I bought it at Target Sunday. Not that I really needed a fabulous picture of Audrey, but she certainly makes a statement.

I haven't done a whole lot on day 2 of spring break. Hung a few more decor elements that I had purchased for the house, and now I think I am going to go craft something.

Some friends and I are going to paint wine glasses Thursday afternoon. That should be fun. I'll have to post pictures of how they turn out. (Let's hope they look good...)

Have a great afternoon! :)


Birdie says hello! :)

A sweet little bird card that I made with some new goodies for my big shot. :) I used the new texture plates and the tag dies. The bird is one of the sweet new stamp sets from this new catalog.

I hope that you are all having a great start to the week, and to March! :) Spring break is next week and I can't wait!


Hola Lola...

:) You know I love to say that. *haha*

Just checking in. I finally photographed a few of the cards that I have made lately and wanted to share with you.

I had to have this set for the cute little bees. :)

I have to go back to court in this getting-messy custody case tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to contribute, but so goes life.

I'm heading to bed, I hope you all have a wonderful night and keep on stamping! ;)


Happy President's Day!

I hope that you had a happy President's Day. Not that today was a large celebration, but at our little elementary school - it was by far a great day!

This year we have been learning all the president's names in jumpstart. The kids have been able to name them all for a couple of weeks, and today they got to have a fantastic celebration! Some of our students got to dress up as the presidents and first ladies, and we had a "Parade of Presidents" today. We even had our local congressman in from Washington to come and speak to our students. Very nice - VERY nice. He seemed so happy to be at our school and meet all of our teachers. The kids are so happy that they have reached this goal! I know that I couldn't name all of the presidents before this year. LOL!! They say we are always learning, right? Two of my students got to be presidents - so cool!

Don't know if I posted this card (I don't think so) and since it is still pretty close to love day, thought I would share this little card with you!

There are some crazy things going on for me this week, so please say a little prayer for me Wednesday, and please pray for my friend Patti, who lost her mother last week. She is a dear scrapbook friend, and I know that she needs to feel God's love and support around her at this time.

Have a wonderful week! I will try really hard to get some scrapbook pages photographed for you. :)


Don't really know much...

I don't really know much. Just wanted to post a picture of the card that I made for one of my co-workers for her birthday. Her birthday was actually on New Year's.

On other news that makes me look like a dork is this:
I had to go grocery shopping this evening, and you know how boring that is... so I took advantage of my handy little mp3 player. I did really well on containing myself and not singing along. But here is the kicker. I'm walking around - with my cell phone in my pocket. Mom says that she called me and that I didn't answer. So - I don't know if my phone just didn't ring (which happens some times) or if I was that dork walking around the Walmart with her phone ringing like crazy in her pocket and it just rings, and rings, and rings.

And apparently, I look like a teacher or a kid-magnet - because some kid came up to me asking what he should do with the gallon of milk that he just dropped. Milk is dripping from the sides, and he's asking me? I told him that he needed to find an employee. There is no telling what happened to the milk. All I could think was "Where is his mother?" Hmmm....

Anyway... I don't really know anything. I have so much to do, and not a lot of time to do it in. But isn't that always life? Hopefully I will have more to show you soon. I am working on Valentine's for my little kiddos... we'll see... :)


A few quick pictures!

So, a few of the things that I was able to make over the Christmas break, was a card for my friend and a little brag book for her to put pictures in of her son. She's my rock star friend, and so when I pre-ordered one of the new Stampin' Up! hostess sets, the star stamp was just perfect!

These were a few of the inside pages. They spelled out his name - Connor. He's a rock star - just like his mom. :)

This was the book put together. His initials on the cover. These are those little badge holders made into a mini album. It is the perfect size to have in her purse.

I also made a pink and brown one for Mom to use to put some Aspen pictures in (a MayMay's brag book). I'll post some pictures of that one soon.


well... hello.

It has been a mighty long time since I have written anything for you. My life has been crazy busy. I moved during November and December, so my life has been a combination of paint, boxes, and odd new stresses. :) I realized how much stuff I had crammed in my other house when I started having to box it up. I have scrapbook stuff coming out my ears!!! I have made a few cards, so as soon as I get them blog-ready, I am excited to be able to share them with you.

I have one room left to paint, and will be doing so hopefully Monday. (No school for MLK Jr. holiday)

I don't have much to say right now, just wanted everyone to know that I am still around, and can't wait to show you some new projects!

Lots of love!!!