oh my!

Yes. Can we say that life around this little house has been SUPER busy??? I'm so sorry for being a lost blogger. Hopefully I will get some things posted for you very soon!


on a roll :)

So, I felt inspired last night, and made a new card, and made two today. :) I love the new in-colors for this year, and am super excited to use them. These are the cards from last night and today. Hope you like 'em!

Not sure if these little things are supposed to be cupcakes or not, but I totally believe in using your imagination. So, for this card, they are cupcakes. Sweet!

Love this Eiffel Tower!

Momma was over yesterday and took a picture of Lucy to show how much she is growing. I think she has "flying nun" ears. LOL!! She is currently giving me a hard time typing all this. She keeps hitting the caps lock key and chewing on the corner of my laptop, and trying to catch my fingers. Better make this quick!


summer is in full swing.

Wow! I sure have been busy.

I am still keeping LeeAnna this summer, so we are having many fun-filled days at Aunt Bee's house.

Lucy is getting bigger. Well, Mom says that she is, but I guess since I am with her all the time, I don't quite see it. But we'll go with it. :)

I got my order from Stampin' Up! of new products from the NEW CATALOG!! (Yes, I'm excited) And while I know that I can make much prettier cards than these, I had to make a quick few cards last night and today. I'm thinking about going and stamping some more when I get off the computer tonight.

This card was a kind-of case from the new catalog cover. Obviously, not quite as pretty as the one on the cover. Mine is a bit more simple, but I was in a hurry. :)

This set is so cute with the birdcage, an Eiffel Tower, and dress form! Love it! Made this card for Mom, she wanted one with the birdcage! :)

And, you know that I love the pink-orange-brown combo, and this has the new Melon Mambo (or something like that) color! I think it is so pretty with the pumpkin! This was simple, but again - quick!

So, I guess I will go stamp some more. I think Lucy is ready for bed anyway. Hope to post more soon!



Well, I finally got a picture of the banners that I've made so far for the house. This first one is in the studio, and really looks good on the wall above my scrapbook table.

This one is in the kitchen over the sink. I think it looks cute there at the window.

I have a few banners that I'm interested in selling, with words like "family", "hug me", "cowboy", "Diva", two other "Enjoy" banners with cherry & apple paper, "Boo", "Girly-Girl" and I can make just about anything that you would like a banner to say. So, if you're interested, please let me know. I love to make these - practically addicted to it, and I can get them made quickly. :) I have made some for baby shower gifts, gifts for a sweet hostess, and much more! And if anyone knows me, I have a wide selection of scrapbook papers from all those years at both the SB stores, (and I don't ever resist shopping...) :).

If you're interested in seeing any of the other banners that I have for sale, please contact me or swing by!



I finally got a good picture of my new Lucy Ann!

She is 10-11 weeks old, and she is half Dachshund-half Yorkie. I got her from a girl at work, and have had her since June 2nd. We had a little bit of a rocky start, but she is a momma's girl. :)

She has wiggled so much whenever I tried to take a picture that it always turned out blurry. But I am glad that she finally was still enough for a quick photo-op! :)