Indigo Bunting

While I realize that this is not the best picture of all, these little birds were out on my back patio today. (I got this photo through the kitchen window, so it is grey from the screen.) There were about 6 of them, and I have been trying to get a better picture of them all afternoon, but everytime I get to the back door to get a quick picture, they fly away. Mom looked them up in her bird book for me when I called, and then since I couldn't see her book over the phone, I looked up her two prospective types up online. There are some beautiful pictures of them online, and I have never seen this bird before. I usually just have cardinals, finches, wrens, and chickadees out back, and even this week saw a dove. You can see that all the birds have really knocked the birdseed out of the feeder and all over the ground. I'm going to have to get a bird bath to put out now too. :)