it has been a long august...

between Aspen...

and Matagorda...

and the polka-dot palace...

it has been one long and busy August. It took a lot of work to get my new classroom ready for the school year. These pictures were on meet the parent night (which explains the tubs and boxes). I painted the classroom, hung my fabric on the bulletin board, have my wonderful curtains from Mary and got all the things ready that I needed in the very short month of August. We kept Aspen 4 days, I was in Matagorda for 3, worked in my room for almost the rest of the month, kept things together for church... so if you see one of my friends along the way - tell them hi for me. Oh! And I had to help my best friend get her new classroom ready. (I've spent so much at the teacher store...)

I just wanted to check in. Here are a couple more pictures from my classroom. I'll get some more soon, I only got a few taken before the parents and kids came for a visit.

When you enter, these things are to your right on the wall. Hall passes, school pocket chart has bus numbers, a table for take-home folders and turning in work.

The "table cloth" on this little table is actually one of the curtains that went over my closet last year, when the door was missing. (?? still don't know why...) I have the sides safety-pinned and so it looks nice and neat. It is also not too wide that it blocks the door.

The third of 3 fabulous curtains in my room. This one covers up an unbelievably yucky tile thing above the sink. I've also put our birthday chart there in the little alcove. I need a better option for the mirror.

This is part of the board where I do morning meeting. Our calendar, days of the week, months of the year, days in school, job charts, weather, poetry, counting, alphabet chart for alpha cheer... and (of course) plenty of polka dots.

I'll post more soon of the reading center and other things. :)


Not much time to stamp.

We've had this little miss yesterday and today to babysit. Mom and I have been busy with her. She's such a little stinker. She'll be 14 months this month, and it just doesn't seem possible.

I went up to the school Monday. I had little green fuzzy things growing on a few of my things. Which - freaks me out. And I don't think any amount of lysol will solve my problems. I went Tuesday and got part of the room painted. I've got to get the rest done tomorrow. When it is all finished, I'll post a picture. It will be a super cute room, even if I'm allergic to the school. (blah)

I haven't had much time to stamp this week. I was really looking forward to all of the dirty dares this past week, but I didn't get a chance to get many done. I'm going to go back before the time to post and play is over and do some. They were all super fun! Well done ladies!!!

This is one of the cards that I did have a quick chance to make. This one is for Lauren's (mytime) sketch challenge. Very cute. And I had to do it in my trendy new fav's. (pomegranate, wasabi, pumpkin, sky)

now - back to that tag I was supposed to write 7 other random things about me.

1. I like (scratch that) love bags. All kinds of bags. Scrapbook bags, teacher bags, purses, tote bags, etc. I also like buckets. Really cute metal buckets. ooh.

2. I lose things. All the time. I'll set my adhesive down on my sb table, and I can't find it to save my life. (and I usually look over it about 10 times.)

3. I wear "Ralph" by Ralph Lauren. One of my dear best friends bought me some years ago, and it was/is the perfect scent for me. And I buy the big bottles.

4. My house colors and classroom colors are completely different. At home I have red, black, brown, white, and then giraffes, leopard prints, and clean lines. At school I have turquoise, hot pink, lime green, back & white polka dots. I love it all. Good thing I have 2 places for my two - very different styles.

5. I wear size 11 shoes

6. I skipped school in college.

7. I took French in high school, and Latin in college. What a combination. right? quaere verum.

That's all for now. Talk later.