Hola Lola...

:) You know I love to say that. *haha*

Just checking in. I finally photographed a few of the cards that I have made lately and wanted to share with you.

I had to have this set for the cute little bees. :)

I have to go back to court in this getting-messy custody case tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to contribute, but so goes life.

I'm heading to bed, I hope you all have a wonderful night and keep on stamping! ;)


Happy President's Day!

I hope that you had a happy President's Day. Not that today was a large celebration, but at our little elementary school - it was by far a great day!

This year we have been learning all the president's names in jumpstart. The kids have been able to name them all for a couple of weeks, and today they got to have a fantastic celebration! Some of our students got to dress up as the presidents and first ladies, and we had a "Parade of Presidents" today. We even had our local congressman in from Washington to come and speak to our students. Very nice - VERY nice. He seemed so happy to be at our school and meet all of our teachers. The kids are so happy that they have reached this goal! I know that I couldn't name all of the presidents before this year. LOL!! They say we are always learning, right? Two of my students got to be presidents - so cool!

Don't know if I posted this card (I don't think so) and since it is still pretty close to love day, thought I would share this little card with you!

There are some crazy things going on for me this week, so please say a little prayer for me Wednesday, and please pray for my friend Patti, who lost her mother last week. She is a dear scrapbook friend, and I know that she needs to feel God's love and support around her at this time.

Have a wonderful week! I will try really hard to get some scrapbook pages photographed for you. :)